The Challenge With Connection

Everyone talks about how it has become harder and harder to connect with other people, despite technology closing all the gaps, making communication easier. This does not only apply to meeting new people but also staying connected with people you already know. We all to an extent agree the same technology allowing us to more easily connect is the same reason we have a harder time connecting now. But the mechanism does not seem to be discussed as much. My belief that the challenge to connect with others lies in our limited capacity to experience and retain life experiences.  … More The Challenge With Connection

Altium to Solidworks

For more Altium practice I decided to revive an older project I built from second year:     It was a simple inductor tethered robot with some h-bridges. With some slight changes to the circuit, the result looks like the following: The first layout iteration looked like: With some updates to the part footprints, size … More Altium to Solidworks

New host for blog

I’ve decided to move away from Jekyll on github onto WordPress for easier hosting of pictures, writing blog posts and formatting. Hopefully simplifying the blogging process will allow me to be more active in documenting my work. I would like to migrate old posts over, but in the meantime, they can still be found at … More New host for blog